Paint and paint tray for a DIY project in Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan (MI)

Top 4 DIY Paint Supplies to Keep Handy

Are you gearing up for a weekend project and wondering, "What supplies do I need to paint a room?" Complete Paint & Supplies in Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan, has all the answers. Having the right DIY paint supplies handy makes the process smoother and yields professional-looking results. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting, the tools below are essential for a successful project.

Paint and paint tray for a DIY project in Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan (MI)

High-Quality Paint Brushes and Rollers: DIY Paint Must-Haves

We tell our customers this first: Investing in high-quality brushes and rollers is non-negotiable. These tools are the backbone of any painting project, directing the finish and overall look. Choose various brushes in different sizes for corners, edges, and small and medium-sized surfaces. Natural bristle brushes are best suited for oil-based paints, while synthetic brushes are ideal for water-based paints.

Roller brushes cover larger areas more efficiently, and we can help you pick ones with varying nap lengths for different wall textures. Shorter nap lengths work well on smooth surfaces, while longer nap lengths are for rougher ones.

Paint Trays and Liners: Easy Use for DIY Paint Projects

Paint trays are open containers that hold paint and are necessary for DIY painting projects. Pouring paint into a tray makes the application process more manageable and allows you to load the roller more evenly.

These supplies ensure a consistent coat of paint on your walls, with fewer streaks and uneven patches. Look for sturdy paint trays with deep wells to prevent spills. Disposable tray liners can make cleanup easy; they fit inside the trays and get discarded when finished.

Painter's Tape: Crisp DIY Paint

If you've ever wondered how professional painters get those clean, crisp lines, we have two words: painter's tape. It's the best way to prevent paint bleed and create sharp edges. We tell our customers to use painter's tape to mask off areas like window frames and baseboards before painting. Trays come in various widths. After painting, remember to remove it while the paint is still a bit wet to avoid peeling, but not too early to prevent paint from bleeding onto the protected area.

Drop Cloths: For Unavoidable DIY Paint Messes

Painting can get messy, and you want to avoid damaging or ruining anything in your home. Drop cloths guard against the accidental drips and spills that typically happen during painting projects. Keep them handy to protect floors, furniture, and other surfaces.

Drop cloths come in reusable canvas and disposable plastic so you can choose either. Lay them down in the areas where you'll be painting and secure them with painter's tape so they won't move around. This preventative step will make your DIY painting project easier and stress-free.

Complete Paint & Supplies Has Everything You Need for Your DIY Painting Project

Complete Paint & Supplies in Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan, specializes in top-quality Benjamin Moore interior and exterior paint, paint supplies, and equipment for projects of all sizes. Stop by and say hello; we'll help you choose the best paint and supplies and share tips to make the job easier. Feel free to contact us! We work with clients of Petoskey, Charlevoix, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, and Cheboygan, Michigan.

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