A painter coating both sides of a door near Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan (MI)

Creative Coatings for Indoor Projects

At Complete Paint & Supplies, our clients know interior paint isn’t just for walls; it’s a versatile medium that breathes new life into other parts of your home. The possibilities extend to trim, furniture, ceilings, and doors, offering opportunities to inject creativity into your indoor projects. The unconventional applications below can make interesting style statements that will get noticed.

A painter coating both sides of a door near Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan (MI)

Creative Coatings #1: The Art of Interior Window Trim Painting

Interior window trim often takes a back seat in design since people use neutral colors that get lost in their decor. A splash of creative paint coating can turn it into a focal point, so why not experiment with bold, contrasting colors that highlight these architectural details?

A glossy finish can add sophistication to trim, while a matte finish speaks of understated elegance. The key is to strike a balance that complements the overall aesthetic while making a noticeable statement.

Creative Coatings #2: Stenciling Ceilings With Paint

Stenciling is a playful way to introduce new patterns, personality, and appealing designs onto a ceiling. Whether you’re more into floral motifs or geometric shapes, stencils allow you to customize them according to your taste. It adds visual interest and can transform the surfaces into works of art.

You can also stencil other parts of the room, like the tops of walls close to where they meet the ceilings. Stenciling also works well on furniture and doors.

Creative Coatings #3: Give Your Furniture a Facelift

Your furniture has enormous potential for a creative makeover: Instead of investing in new pieces, upgrade your existing furniture with the magic of paint. You can transform chairs, tables, and dressers into statement pieces with creative paint coatings. Try contrasting colors or use a monochromatic scheme – either way, it’s cost-effective and makes for rewarding projects.

Creative Coatings #4: Doors Can Be Statement Pieces

You can turn doors into focal points within your home with creative coatings. Announce their presence by painting them in a striking color that contrasts with the surrounding walls. Bold reds, deep blues, and playful yellows will turn them into statement pieces that reflect your personality. We recommend painting both sides of the door for a cohesive look.

Creative Coatings With Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore interior paints are the industry standard for coverage, durability, and color selection. We’re proud to be associated with the brand and carry their full line of residential and commercial paints and stains. Our team will help you choose creative project coatings and the necessary tools to complete the job. Ask us about the latest satin/pearl and matte sheens, traditional colors, and out-of-the-box colors you’ll love.

Explore Creative Coatings by Benjamin Moore at Complete Paint & Supplies

We feature Benjamin Moore Paint near Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan, plus paint supplies and equipment. Please stop by our stores or contact us for an appointment; we serve clients throughout Petoskey, Charlevoix, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, and Cheboygan, Michigan.

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